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Geological and Geo Physical Survey

The basic strength of life is water; it is affected on various seasons. Among the various seasons the most important one is the monsoon which gives us the water (life) for human. The very small period on monsoon leads draught in our earth; to overcome this we came forward with Geological and Geo physical survey with AC Resistivity Meter Unit to find the various aquifers in rock and soil at various depth.

We conduct a computer survey with AC Resistivity Meter to find out appropriate position before digging up a well or a borewell. We give guarantee for the works we undertake.

The team on water divining will be headed by our directors. With the help of our most modern and scientific AC Resistivity Meter Unit, we will assure you the very best place for drilling along with a detailed survey report includes Soil thickness, depth of various fractures in rock, depth of borewell and the guaranteed quantity of water anticipated. If the volume of water mentioned in the survey report could not obtained after drilling, the survey changes will be refund to the client who entrust the job to us.


Borewell Repairing / Maintenance

The secondary source of water on earth are wells (Openwells) and Borewells. These Borewells should be repaired and maintained periodically for its durability. Our well-versed teams are always dedicated on various maintenance and repairing works in Borewells for its reuse.

We had a well-equipped and trained team headed by our directors for lifting or taking out the trapped Submersible Pump set, Pipes, Ropes and Cables, we are also trained to take out or lift any foreign particles like wooden pieces, debris of motor spares, foot valves, ropes, plant roots, stones, reptiles etc which are stuck up in a bore well cannot be pulled up or removed under normal conditions. We successfully remove all these materials stuck up in the borewell.

We also manufacture a special bucket to lift the water from borewell easily.We manufacture ‘AGRO’ Brand special compact submersible borewell pump sets which consume minimum electricity and works on low voltage and generates more volume of water.


Borewell Drilling

With the effect of seasonal variations in the last few years, the water table on earth gets deeper from the previous position. To break these water zones at deeper we came with an idea of Borewell. We undertake various types of borewells with high quality and guarantee up to 1 year. The various types or sizes of borewells are

4.5”  Dia Borewell up to 400 feet.

5”  Dia Borewell up to 500 feet.

6”  Dia Borewell up to 1500 feet.

6.5”  Dia Borewell up to 1500 feet.

For sandy and clay regions like sea shore, Ernakulam, Alappuzha… etc where normal rig type borewell fails, we brought an alternative method called Galaxy type borewells, which overcome all the difficulties in rig type borewells on those regions. We undertake all those works from 5”  Dia to 10”  Dia size. Various types of filter pipes were also provided for these wells.


Water Purifiers

We have designed and invent water filter which carries the following features. Without using any chemicals or ultra violet radiations this filter removes iron contents, bacteria, lead, arsenic, chlorine, dirt, bad smell, reddishness, yellowish etc and gives crystal clear water. Also, we have designed RO treated water filters for better crystal-clear water. We manufacture water filters which are suitable for homes, restaurant, lodge, school, wedding hall, apartments etc. with different models having filter capacity of 100 to 1000 Litres per hour. We have certain models which can easily fit on a wall,top of overhead tanks and on table tops.


Rain Water Harvesting Technique

“Water; the most precious thing – should be preserved.” We assist our privileged clients on various Rain Water Harvesting Systems and water conservation methods suitable for their landscape, topography and usage. Also, we assist on water purifiers and Agrico Branded special Borewell submersible pump sets.


Agrico Associates

Since 2009, Agrico Associates preserve the sanctity of the institution by providing services to our customers in Building Planning, Preparation of building plans and estimate, helping in getting building permit from the Government body, RCC Design, Structural Design (RCC and Steel), Detailed structural drawings, Construction Support and supervision in construction, Conceptual Design, Project Planning, Building Structures (Providing Construction works), Design of Special Structures, Value Engineering, Peer Review, Non Distractive test in Buildings (NDT), Soil testing for Foundation and Foundation Design, Structural Audits & Providing Stability Certifications to the building, Interrail designs and 3D Modelling of houses and buildings.

Also, we provide guaranteed water proofing methods for your building and House.